Review: Podio Pleases Everyone (Sort of)

Everyone needs sufficient blood flow through the body, right? That’s basic Biology 101! But would you believe the same is applied to businesses? In particular, we’re talking about small businesses.

Good “blood flow” is essential. It’s great for the auto attendants and call centers of America, because it’s healthy for corporate USA.

Hence the reason for the sharp Google app, Podio! And, boy, does it please plenty in business.

Learning About Podio

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The name of the game is workflow (or if we’re still on that biology kick, blood flow) and project management: two massively important aspects of running a business.

You started up a business well? Great. You’ve got stellar advertising and marketing all set up? Perfect. But pretty soon that corporate engine of yours will peter out without the best workflow and project management.

Podio is an app designed to bring e-mail and documents from your Google Docs into a “task” format.

What Does That Mean — a “Task Format”?

No longer are e-mails just “messages” — with Podio, they’re actual tasks. This means Podio doesn’t store them in ‘INBOXES.’ Rather, they’re stored right on the dashboard, right in front of the person receiving it.

It makes for better convenience on a corporate team. Google Contacts become much more of a utilization. A CEO won’t be just plugging in a contact to an e-mail message; the CEO will simply ‘click’ on the team member’s name with the written task, and everyone will be able to see it.

The word for it is ‘synchronization.’ Everyone knows what everyone’s doing. Collaboration. Cohesion.

And There’s More. More Mobility.

As in mobile and social features, utilizing an iOS or Android smartphone to help manage the workflow and project management on the go. This is particularly useful for the smaller contract businesses requiring some sort of travel.

Moreover, mobility usually means sociability as well, tapping into the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn stratospheres and really engaging the world beyond the business.

That supercharges the idea of expansion, client retention and client marketing. Think of it as a nitro booster!

Don’t ‘Overheat,’ Though

It’s not all-inclusive, though, in terms of contacts. Some issues get reported that there are limits, such as the inability to share a contact without adding the contact to a project.

It adds a few more steps in there, which can make it a little cumbersome. In other words, it would be a lot easier to simply share all the contacts in one go than to have to manually add each contact to a project.

The Good News?

There’s always work done on the Podio app — meaning developers are constantly trying improve it. So look for this rating to become obselete, because Podio’s making waves, increasing the blood flow in a big way.

Heavyweight champion of the business app arena, baby!

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