5 Reasons You Get the Best Customer Support with a Social Phone System

When was the last time you surveyed your customers?  Did you ask what they like about your business? How about what they hate? When you start to ask questions, you’ll be surprised by what you learn.

In fact, most companies discover that their product isn’t the number one problem – it’s the service.  Due to complicated CRMs, orders were lost, time zones confused and call back never made. Take it one step further – customer service lost most of the follow-ups they were supposed to do.  Yikes.

If you want to have the best customer support, you should consider a social phone system.  They eliminate most of the guess work representative currently have to do.  Using an integrated system that relies on a data base of siloed calls, social phone systems make the call process easy.

When a caller calls in, the rep sees:

  • Who’s calling
  • An icon of their face
  • When they last called with notations
  • Details of the account
  • Who they last spoke to

Since the social phone system uses information already in the system along with more personalized all tracking, its all in one place on one screen.  Without the need to search all over the account to find information, reps can do their job faster and easier.

So, what’s next?  Customer service training, of course.  Now that the issue isn’t the software, your company can concentrate on making your reps the best they can be. They’ll have the ability to answer the phone faster, too.

With simple, easy to use software in place, the social phone system is revolutionizing how up close and personal some businesses have the ability to get with clients.  Additionally, reps that might not have the best track record can be worked with immediately to resolve their issues.

It makes running a business so smooth, most Halloo clients have loved switching over.  They simply can’t believe how good it works for them.  Don’t take our word for it. Try one yourself and see how pleased your clients will be when they get the best customer support out there.