How Zappos Totally Rocks Customer Service with Social Phone Systems

Did you read the story about the record breaking 8 hour phone call a Zappos customer service representative endured? Well, good for her.  Most of us would never hang out on the phone that long with anyone – even our best friend – but that’s just how Zappos rolls.

What’s more incredible? Zappos had their own social phone systems designed and integrated in order to give folks the very best customer service.  Why?

Social phone systems work.  By bringing together a hefty dose of personalization into your customer service, your business prospers.  And the concept is so simple anyone can do it.  In fact, Halloo communications offers the same phone systems being used by Zappos.

Here’s how it works: Your siloed database of calls gets matched with your customers to produce upclose, personal results.  In lieu of a complicated CRM, customer service reps see icons of clients alongside specific notes of when they called and who they spoke to. They automatically flood into the system every time someone calls.

The system focuses on making it easier for everyone in the chain (i.e. all call takers and managers) to see who called, who spoke to them, when they called back and what actions were taken to resolve their issues.  When you combine all the easy to use features, the social phone system takes out most of the human error and guess work that traditional phone systems use.

Zappos didn’t just create their own social phone system, they revolutionized the way customer service works for businesses.  For example, instead of managing time per call they manage total call time (i.e. how much time sales representatives spend taking calls.)

By refocusing their service on the satisfaction of the customer and resolving their complaints instead of the amount of production of each worker, they were able to revolutionize how satisfied people were.  Do you want even more good news?

Zappos rarely lowers their prices.  Nor do they offer crazy deals and discounts. They simply give the very best customers service and abide by their own set of company ethics.  If you’re considering how you can really make a difference to your customers, consider doing what Zappos does and using a social phone system.  Call Halloo today for details.