4 Key Trends in Communication

There are multiple trends in communication that are expected to grow throughout 2014.

1. More businesses will incorporate or deepen their integration with the cloud.

The flexibility that the cloud offers companies will drive new product and service offerings. Because of this integration with the cloud, the purpose and role of IT departments within organizations will shift.

2. Adaptability of products and services will become even more important.

Companies will partner with other companies to solve unique problems that they would be unable to handle alone. Also, even small businesses will expect products and services to be tailored to their needs. Both of these demands will require those offering products and services to be even more adaptable and creative to the requirements of the marketplace.

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3. Multiple modes of communication will become the norm for customer support.

Having just one method of reaching out to customer service will no longer suffice. Customers will expect the ability to get help via the web, phone, and instant messaging. Businesses will need to focus on providing consistent experiences regardless of the communication method.

4. Companies will find creative solutions to hire the tech talent needed to compete in the marketplace.

Keeping enough talent on staff to handle the unique demands of these trends will become nearly impossible. Companies will need to find solutions that will enable them to reach qualified talent at the point of need. This will lead to more flexible and creative staffing solutions.

What do you think the future of communications holds? Have a comment or trend to add?