Call Forwarding – How It Works

Ever wonder what happens when you forward your calls? Here are answers to the more commonly asked questions.

Does the caller know that his call is being forwarded?

No, the caller to your Halloo number does not know that you have chosen to answer at a particular location. Because you may have your business calls routed to a home number, you should be prepared to answer in a manner appropriate to the nature and image of your business. Continue reading

Tips for Effective Contact Management

Contact management has the potential to make all the difference when it comes to delivering the very best customer care possible from the initial contact through regular follow-up with repeat customers. Delivering top notch customer care is a priority for most businesses and as such, investing in tools that can help you be more effective in contact management makes sense. Halloo is just such a system. Continue reading

Akron: From Rust Belt to Polymers and Bioenergy

Hit hard by the loss of industrial jobs, Akron is steadily restoring its economy with ingenious technologies like biogas, polymers and biomedical applications.

Renewable energy is one example. Having the country’s only biogas facility, Akron receives some of its electricity through a partnership with KB BioEnergy, which generates power via the decomposition of sludge. Continue reading