Tips for Effective Contact Management

Contact management has the potential to make all the difference when it comes to delivering the very best customer care possible from the initial contact through regular follow-up with repeat customers. Delivering top notch customer care is a priority for most businesses and as such, investing in tools that can help you be more effective in contact management makes sense. Halloo is just such a system.

What To Include in Your Contact Management Notes

Keeping comprehensive and complete notes in your contact management system is key to making the best use of the system and delivering the best possible customer service. Some of the important things you need to include in your notes include the following.

  • Any expectations or preferences that the customer has communicated should be noted in your system. This will make it easier for all staff members to be on the same page and know exactly how to deliver what the customer wants.
  • Details of your follow-ups should be included. Every time someone communicates with a customer or potential customer it should be noted, so the next person to receive a call from that individual will know where to pick up.
  • Copies of each email contact should be included in notes when there is relevant information or an answer to a question provided.
  • Price quotations, contract negotiations, or promises made should always be noted to ensure accuracy and the fulfillment of terms.
  • Names and contact information of other people with the same company that you can also speak to on the same subject.

See the Difference

With optimal use of contact management notes, everyone at your business benefits.

  • You can easily and quickly pick up where you left off with a customer or lead without having to waste time searching for information.
  • Team members can pick up from each other and provide a seamless transition when the usual person is out sick, on vacation, moved on to another job, or simply away from the phones.
  • If you or another person at your company does quality control, a contact management system like Halloo is a great starting point. Not only does it give you the option of recording calls, it also provides a platform for information storage that can be monitored to ensure the best quality customer service.
  • If your company is not analyzing the analytics of your calls, you should be. A well-maintained customer management system can provide valuable information on sales and customer care. Without this information, you simply have numeric data. However, notes from your CMS can provide the why, when and how behind those numbers.

Complete notes in your customer management systems should be documented throughout a call and immediately after you hang up. Any delays could mean valuable information being forgotten. Taking the time to create a record rich in details will deliver impressive dividends.