Want To Make Some Online Video? Look To Directr

Directr is putting together a mobile app that will allow users to make some impressive online videos, and most any small business, online or otherwise, is going to want to pay attention to this concept.

With more and more online videos coming online every day–some put the number of videos just hitting YouTube alone as somewhere in the neighborhood of one full day every single minute–standing out in a crowd like that is getting to be a challenge. With mobile, and regular, bandwidth providers making less of a move to offer better infrastructure and more bandwidth to their users and more of a move to offer stultifying bandwidth caps and extra fees instead, users have neither the time nor the inclination to just start hopping around in a bid to find good video. That’s where Directr enters, stage left.

Many videos are out to take the short route, with many providers and mobile apps out to be what some are calling the “Instagram of video”, but Directr wants to step the game up a notch by helping users make powerful, attention-grabbing movies with top-notch stories, but still at the level of what can be done with smartphone video cameras. Considering that one of the founders of Directr, Eli Schleifer, formerly worked for Microsoft in both mobile and Xbox divisions for much of the last ten years, it’s no surprise that Schleifer understands the importance and value of a good story.

The app itself is set to go live later this summer, but usernames can be reserved in advance for when it does make its public debut, as evidenced by the image below.

This is where small businesses come in. For those who have considered television advertising, and balked at the expense, you may well have already thought of going to the Internet with your video and hoping to catch the viral train to social media town and from there to big sales city. But there is no way–say again, no. Way.–your business can catch the attention of millions of Internet users who are getting a year’s worth of video uploaded to YouTube every six hours or so without having a major piece of work to offer indeed. That’s exactly what Directr looks to do, and the better and more memorable your video, the more likely your video will be to not only catch attention, but also put your product front-of-mind when the time comes to buy a certain good or service.

And while a powerful video may help get customers to your business, having cloud-based telephony features like hunt groups and find-me follow-me systems in play will help keep those customers by making sure their customer service experience is as good and as hassle-free as it can be.

Directr looks to be a great start, especially for those businesses out there who want more of a video presence without the many disadvantages that local television offers.