Google Analytics Goes Android With A New App

Big news for those who need the ability to track the power of their website through any conditions, as the popular Google Analytics system launches a new Android app.

While this by itself is important, especially for small businesses that have a substantial Internet focus, it’s actually not the only thing that’s going on with Google Analytics, as they’ve also branched out into handling not only web sites, but also mobile apps. The resulting app can be used to track the major facets of a mobile app’s life cycle, from acquisition to engagement and ultimately to outcome. Developers will be able to follow the number of people who make the download, and to what devices they’re making the download in the first place, as well as taking a closer look at the resulting demographics. This in turn will allow developers to make more informed choices about future versions of their current mobile apps, as well as determining how future apps should be programmed in the first place.

Both iOS and Android will be able to get at least some tracking with this app, though for developers that offer up their apps on Google Play, the resulting app will be able to track just which traffic sources make for the best results, and more improvements in Google Play integration are likely to follow, according to reports.

The app itself is still in the beta level, though developers are being admitted in waves, and a signup sheet can be found with Google itself. It’s only available for Android devices right now, however, but there’s word that the developers want to expand to iOS at some point.

For app developers and those who use apps in the promotion of their businesses alike, having something like this in the easy to use Google Analytics style that can readily go with you where ever you happen to go is a very valuable thing to have on hand indeed. Considering the sheer amount of information that this new mobile version looks to provide, it’s the kind of thing that’s likely to prove useful on a lot of levels and to a lot of different users. Whether your business makes their own apps or hires out that particular part of the operation, Google Analytics will be able to tell you, at a glance, just how well said apps are performing, and in turn, just how well the app makers in question are performing.

But apps alone do not a small business make, and keeping cloud-based telephony systems on hand like instant conferencing and local numbers will help ensure that not only can customers easily find you, but that your employees are as productive as they have the potential to be.

While Google Analytics may not be for everyone, it will have sufficiently large reach to be worthwhile for most everybody to at least look into.