Vitrue Gives Instagram A Great New Use In Small Business

Admittedly, you may not think of Instagram too often in terms of tools your small business can use to get ahead. But once you take a look at what Vitrue has in mind, you may want to get your camera out and get a tighter zoom on the coalition.

Instagram has been making some big strides since its inception, pulling down about 27 million registered users since its launch. And Instagram has likewise pulled in a whole lot of top-shelf press from the business and technology communities alike. But when it came to actually making money or being useful for businesses, the picture was much less, well, developed. And now, Vitrue is looking to step in to give businesses a reason to start looking at Instagram very seriously. Vitrue has brought into play a “tab module” for businesses to use on their Facebook pages, which as we all know is a solid component of any fully-featured marketing plan. Vitrue’s so-called tab module, meanwhile, allows Instagram users to import pictures based on a specific tag, and then create albums for those photos.

Said to be an industry first, the end result is that marketing efforts can now use more visuals in their social media, and as a result, get users more engaged in those campaigns involving social media.

Most marketers will tell you that one of the biggest problems anyone has in trying to promote a product or service is engagement. People are bombarded with ads every single day. Their television, their web traffic, their magazines and radio are positively laden with advertising. And in many cases, those who haven’t learned how to block them entirely via ad-blockers or DVRs or even the judicious application of the mute button have learned how to let them roll over their consciousness completely unimpacted. Getting users interested in those ads has created a variety of tools to get over the threshold, from story-based commercials to giveaways and beyond. That’s what the Vitrue / Instagram combination has in mind: to get your social media viewers more involved by showing pictures. And pictures, as the platitudes have been telling us for some time now, are commonly worth a thousand words. Showing off how much fun customers have at your entertainment destination, or showing happy people at your medical firm, or satisfied customers in general are commonly worth their weight in clicks, sign-ups and purchases, whatever your particular metric of success is.

As is commonly the case whenever we point out a way to increase your customers, we also take note that you’ll need to keep all those new customers happy with improved communications tools, and great examples of such can be found in cloud-based telephony features like call hold and transfer to keep queues flowing steadily, and auto attendants to give customers the most rapid funneling into their desired departments.

So while cloud-based telephony can help with keeping customers, getting them in the door is a function of good marketing. And the Vitrue / Instagram combination may be a better way than you think to drum up new business.

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