Review: GQueues Has Got Some GQ Quality

And that’s not an understatement, peeps. GQ actually means “Good Quality.” So it fits. This is the case for a super-sweet Google app called GQueues, an app designed to streamline and compact productivity in a small business for the purposes of organization and efficiency. In layman’s terms, GQueues is just plain awesome!

Snazzy GQueues

Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Definitely good stuff. And for a small company, nothing beats efficiency, especially for a small team of employees within the company. In fact, this app is designed just for that.

If you’re wondering what the benefits are, read on!

The Big Pluses of the GQueues

Utter simplicity. It rocks. First off, you’ve got easy dragging and dropping of tasks. In a business, it’s all about tasks. Moreover, integration is the rage when it comes to business apps. And GQueues doesn’t disappoint. The Apps calendar has complete integration with the app, allowing co-workers to work together and manage lists together at the same time from different locations.

Now that’s convenience. If a team has to be mobile but work together, the key is GQueues. Take a tablet or smartphone or laptop with the app installed on the road, doing your business, and it’s going to be, well, business as usual.

Also, the app features recurring tasks. This means no one has to constantly write up the same task everyday. You want it to reoccur everyday? Fabulous. Set it up that way. Employees will know what they’re supposed to do everyday, without fail. SMS reminders are the commonplace of corporations, too. Holds employees accountable for their work. So it would be senseless that the app not include the feature — luckily, it does!

To make things even easier, keyboard shortcuts are available as well. That’s time management + productivity. A supercharged nitro booster of corporate proportions. All rolled up in a tiny package.

Not Big Enough for the Big Time?

Of course, there are some flaws.

Some issues many users have reported is the lack of attachment features. In other words, if anyone in a company wanted to attach documents, spreadsheets, or any files to a specific task, the answer would be a resounding ‘no.’ Sadly. That slows down the efficiency of the app.

In addition, sometimes the drag-and-drop feature lags a bit. Someone using the app might forget what they’ve dragged and dropped and then start dragging and dropping on the floor from sheer exhaustion over the confusion. In essence, sometimes the memory usage can break down the workings of GQueues. Remember: it’s a small app. Tiny. Miniscule.

Maybe it does need to be a little bit bigger.

Root for the Underdog

So what if they’re tiny! There was a wrestler dude named “Tiny.” And that guy was so massive that it looked as if he had muscles no human should have.

The fact is the app does work for what it does. And what it does is work well. However, the reality is every good app out there for business deserves one important characteristic: an ability to improve, adapt, evolve.

Typically, any business app has a team of developers working hard to make it better — and better — and better. And that’s the key.

That’s GQ (Good Quality).

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