Kiip Gives Your App The Chance To Hand Out Real Prizes

One of the greatest constants in the business world is that people love free stuff. And Kiip, a new rewards platform launched in concert with TechCrunch, looks to provide free stuff in a bid to help get people to use apps. And if your small business is using apps to help promote itself, then you’ll want to hear more about Kiip.

Basically, what Kiip does is offer a rewards platform, by which Kiip can offer that lovely free stuff in a bid to get people interested in the apps that use Kiip as a promotional tool. For instance, one of the first launches of the Kiip services was for Pepsi, who offered free Propel Zero Enhanced Water samples for those who used MapMyRUN, Nexercise, Gym-Pact and LoloFit. Other apps will likely follow, and Kiip can provide free stuff rewards to users who do a variety of different things with the apps in question. Some users might log a mile run, or favorite a site, or check in on a social media site or the like, and from there, Kiip will cut in on their app experience to tell them that they’ve won something. Users then proceed to a free form, where they fill it out accordingly and receive their free stuff.

This is great on the surface, especially if your small business involves making apps or using apps as a promotional tool. Not only can you get people using an app to get free stuff, but you can also define that people get the free stuff when they’ve met certain conditions. And you even define what those conditions are. Tutoring services can offer some of their material as online quizzes that end in rewards for school supplies. Health care ventures can offer, just like the above example, free healthy snacks when you file a certain exercise milestone.

And even on the off chance your business doesn’t involve apps at all, or can’t really bring an app into play, there’s still a very, very important lesson to be learned here. That lesson is best expressed by Kiip’s user rates. A year ago, Kiip worked with just ten apps. In December, the number was up to 65. Advance to the current day, and you’ll find that they now work with 140 apps, with another hundred apps set to come online for the immediate future. The plain and simple is, people want free stuff, and they’re willing to do things they may not ordinarily do to get it.

Of course, getting more customers in the door means you’re going to need an improved infrastructure to take care of all those extra folks coming in the door and hitting the phone lines. That’s where a solid set of cloud-based telephony features can be a big help, like toll-free numbers to keep your customers’ costs contacting you to their minimum, or find-me, follow-me systems to keep those customers able to get a hold of a real person whenever possible.

So if you find that you’ve got some resistances to a certain plan–you want to start a mailing list or the like–consider the careful application of free stuff to get your potential customers in the door. No matter what that particular door may be, giveaways go a long way toward getting the job done. And Kiip may be the thing you need to get a free stuff plan started up and ready to run.