Discovering the Valuable Information Lurking In Your Calls

Any small business owner craves inside information on potential customers. Why do some leads easily become customers? What types of advertising are working best? What makes a lead pick up the phone and call? How often does a caller speak to someone at a company before making a purchase? However, you can’t bombard callers with the many questions you have. Yet, all of these questions and more can be answered when you choose an advanced virtual phone system like Halloo.

A Built-In Customer Management System Delivers Gems

A customer management system is a tool that many savvy business owners implement in order to improve sales. Such a system is a valuable tool that every sales person needs in order to track the contact they have with customers and potential customers. By keeping a record of past contact with customers, sales professionals can easily pick up where they left off, cultivating relationships, and nurturing leads.

However, many customer management systems are intimidating and seen as time-consuming. Often salespeople are reluctant to spend valuable sales time recording data, especially on calls seen as non-productive. However, Halloo is the solution you need. The built-in customer management system that is a part of the Halloo virtual phone system collects some of the data you need for tracking, like name of the caller, date and time. This is a great starting point, so your staff only need to add details of what was talked about and where the client is in the buying cycle.

Valuable Metadata Is Yours for the Taking

Users often seek a metadata definition because they have no idea of what it is really all about and how it can be of help to them.  Essentially, metadata is a collection of stored information that can be cross-referenced. The customer management system built into a Halloo virtual phone system collects metadata that you can use to learn more about how leads become customers. A simple search of metadata can tell you things like: how often a caller contacts your company, how long phone calls last, and when calls are made. Creating reports based on metadata allow you to learn about the trends that affect your company.

Call Tracking Keeps Your Marketing on the Right Track

The beauty of a system like Halloo is that you can use a virtual phone number for every marketing campaign you launch. That means every time the phone rings at your business you know exactly what initiative made it happen, making call tracking easier than you ever thought possible. This is the type of call tracking that provides the real-time data you need for true responsiveness. Increase or cancel a marketing campaign in a timely manner in order to get the best results on your marketing investments.

When you look more closely at the incoming calls to your business and the collected information, you can position your business advantageously. Careful analysis of this metadata will help propel you to the forefront of your industry, as you get a better handle on what makes your potential customers tick.