Ultimate Love Match: CRMs and Social Phone Systems

If you’ve been using a RSS-looking CRM system, getting all the data in the right boxes at the right screen is frustrating.  It often doesn’t save and if you miss a detail you may mess up the next person down the line.

Here’s the other kicker: While you use screen names in a CRM, you often don’t know who entered the notes, when they took the call or who called in. Further, there’s no record of what time the person called.

It’s easy to see why employees hate the tedium of the average CRM program. They are simply outdated and difficult to use.  Don’t even get us started on the difficulty of updating the systems when you need specific changes.

Once, an entire team of workers was out of work for the entire day thanks to the way a CRM update altered their calendars. Then another team had to find a work around since the resulting fix ruined their calendars.  It’s issue after issue with most programs.

So, let’s look at the easy solution: Social phone systems.  Combining the best part of CRMs and social media programs, it’s a love match made in heave.

Social media phone systems use call logs to showcase when a caller called in.  It includes their photo as well as yours making things more personal. The look of the software is more similar to a Facebook on a social phone system, as well.

The easy-to-use clean screen appearance is a great addition to any program.  If you’ve never seen one, it’s time to start looking.  They automatically log all the features that an employee typically needs to do for a CRM.

If you’re about to invest in a system, consider the social phone system for all your business needs.  They’re the next generation of systems.  You won’t believe how much smoother they make running your business.