Groupon Merchants–Marketing Tool, Supplier Source, And More

When it comes to getting business, a lot of small businesses are already familiar with Groupon. But Groupon’s mobile app, Groupon Merchants, is also worth considering from a couple of different angles for the small business user.

Groupon Merchants is set to work with any iOS device–iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone–as long as it’s operating at least iOS 4.2. It’s not specifically optimized for iPhone 5, which is as ever a shame, but at least it will work well with the currently available line up of iOS gear. Groupon Merchants is specifically geared toward the merchant, offering merchants the opportunity to not only redeem Groupon offers, but also accept credit card payments all from the same app. It works with a variety of credit cards–American Express, Visa, MasterCard and even Discover get in on the action–and users will be able to run down transaction reports as well as accept tips from their customers. Groupons can be scanned in QR code format, and users even get the ability to track ROI from their Groupon deals.

Those interested will need to get a reader, so either download the app and sign in with merchant credentials, or call in to Groupon for more information and to get the reader.

This works on two levels: one, it works as a way to get potential customers interested in your own offers. Two, it also acts as a way for users to find new suppliers and sources of discount material. That provides improvement in both sides of the profit equation, specifically, it can reduce costs and improve revenues, which in turn leads to increased profits. It’s not a magic bullet solution, of course, but it goes a long way toward making the desired improvements. The interface is a little on the cumbersome side, and dealing with the necessary procedures to get certified isn’t exactly simple either.

Groupon Merchants is certainly worth considering in terms of lighting a fire under stalled sales or taking some of the sting out of buying supplies. It’s far from perfect, but it’s certainly a good start that might at least yield some progress.