Latest Trends in Telephony Conference Topics

Keeping abreast of the very latest in technology is important for businesses who want to stay at the forefront of their industries. That means knowing exactly what is new and cutting edge. When it comes to telephony, there is no better way to find out such details than by tracking the latest trends in telephony conference topics.

Voice Analytics Deliver Valuable Intelligence

One of the hottest topics at telephony conferences and meetings is the use of voice analytics. Essentially that means recording calls from customers and later analyzing the content of these calls in order to improve business. Rich data is available to companies that choose to record calls. They can isolate the keywords and phrases that are most used by customers and potential customers. They can also identify and track marketing offers that are making the biggest impression on callers. They can even take the emotional aspect of calls into consideration, in order to best hone strategies for the business. Voice analytics will take understanding the customer to the next level.

Private Cloud Solutions Are In Demand

More and more businesses concerned by security matters are beginning to steer away from public cloud services and look to private cloud solutions. The concern over hackers and the integrity of confidential information has driven many businesses to seek a more customized solution that they can trust to confidently bring them into the future. Many of telephony conferences have speakers addressing how to choose the right private cloud solution.

WebRTC is the Future

WebRTC is revolutionizing real time communication via web browsers. More and more communications are happening via the web with less reliance on traditional telephone services. Not only can you talk while using WebRTC, you can exchange files and communicate using a variety of platforms. All that is needed is an app. (Want to try Halloo with WebRTC? Click here.) Telephony conferences are including presentations about the role of WebRTC in different parts of the small business: customer service, sales, business communications and more.


Meshing Data From Various Sources

Having an online system that brings all of your valuable data on a customer together in one place is a dream come true for many business owners. This is another of the hot topics at telephony conferences – a 360 degree view of your customer. It is essentially how certain systems allow you to collate and easily access all the information you have on a customer in order to deliver the best service possible.

Companies like Halloo are keeping up with the latest by offering businesses cloud-based services to take advantage of the very latest in the telephony industry.