Social Phone Systems Help Improve Marketing Systems

Recently, Halloo unveiled a new feature called “social phone systems”. While Halloo already has plenty of great cloud-based telephony services, the addition of social phone systems is about to change the game quite a bit.

The basic principle behind Halloo’s new social phone systems is that, when calls come into the phone system, it essentially adds a face to incoming calls. That’s a good start, but by doing this, it allows businesses to see phone calls as larger conversations. Social phone systems can not only put that face and name to conversations, but also track the overall course of conversations with various customers. And, with the ability to easily put customer activity into one central organization field, it makes the overall activity of the organization move more efficiently.

It’s somewhat similar to adding a layer of Facebook to a phone system. Many have already seen the value in using screen pops to provide that little extra shot of information during a phone call, and Halloo already offers that. But, with social phone systems, it steps up the value even further by putting the face to the names and the information. It takes the sound value principle that is represented by screen pops and makes it even better. More information, presented in a manageable fashion that’s easy to work with, gives businesses extra room to work with.

It’s that combination of better effectiveness in the field, better presentation of more information, and the ability to better connect with customers that makes social phone systems an overall powerhouse in terms of helping small businesses operate, especially those that deal regularly with large numbers of individual customers or business customers. It will help keep the various names straight and have the added effect of making the contacts that are made better quality contacts overall. Nothing makes a business–or a customer–more amenable toward working with you than getting their name and circumstances right every time.

But while Halloo’s offerings in terms of cloud-based telephony are sound without social phone systems, they’re even better with. Bringing in screen pops to add even more information, and call recording systems to protect the business against errors can make an already potent customer service apparatus even better overall.

Those interested can get in contact right away with Halloo and ask how to get social phone service set up with their own operations.