VehiCal Wants To Make Your Drive Time Profitable

Tax season is rapidly approaching, and that’s got people all over pulling together their paperwork in advance of the big day. but for next year’s driving, it may be worthwhile to look into something to keep better track of that magic mileage number like VehiCal from Red Cube.

VehiCal, which works with every version of iOS hardware, though it hasn’t been optimized for iPhone 5, makes it easier to record mileage undertaken in pursuit of business activities. While this by itself is a great tool for most any small business owner, especially those who do a lot of driving as a part of their normal activities in business. The software can support multiple vehicles as well, so there’s an advantage here in terms of those businesses which have fleets.

But it’s not just about the ease of use in terms of recording mileage. There’s also a good chunk of value here in terms of just getting the most out of the car you’re driving. Several customizable menus are available to cover things like gas prices, totals spent at the pump, and fuel consumption information, which can in turn yield information about overall fuel economy. Highway tolls, repairs and the like can even be factored in, making it a complete solution in terms of figuring out just how much you’re getting out of your car.

The app itself is pretty nicely laid out, with most of its features in easy access. Getting used to how it works shouldn’t take long at all, which is a definite plus. The wide array of options available steps up the value still further; when it’s not only easy to use but also has plenty of uses, it’s only too good. For those who itemize their deductions, having an easy way to keep track of mileage taken not only represents value in terms of the car itself, but also in terms of cash saved on tax returns. It’s not every app that translates into help for the bottom line, but this would do it.

VehiCal will do a great job of keeping track of mileage driven, but even better, it will bring in a wide array of other features to only make the overall job better. Having lots of options in an environment that’s easy to work with is a great step forward in terms of making the mileage picture much clearer and easier overall to handle.

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