Social Phone Is A Commitment You’ll Be Glad To Make

The idea of making changes in something that already works well, like a phone system, is often scary. But when it comes to social phone service from Halloo, it’s a commitment that’s well worth making.

There are a wide variety of benefits when it comes to bringing in a social phone system like that offered by Halloo, but most of them boil down to one central point: efficiency. Having a social phone system, which allows users to put faces and names to individual call records, makes it a lot easier to make the most out of each conversation. It allows the organization to make better and more engaging contact, as well as better sort the calls that come in to determine patterns and the like.

But moreover, efficiency is improved still further by improving accountability. Multiple users across the business, whether it be a centralized firm in one building, a distributed firm with multiple facilities across a small geographic area, or even a virtual business with offices–and employees–all around the globe. Calls become trackable, and can even be referred to later as needed in a contact with other callers, or even with that same caller. It’s hard to tell in advance what information might prove useful to a contact center staffer or anyone else in the organization, but making as much of it as possible available improves the likelihood that some of it will prove valuable in the end.

Perhaps best of all, the use of a social phone service allows teams to be better put together and better managed. In an age where the mobile worker is taking on a greater importance than ever, the ability to connect mobile workers and make them more effective as a group is the kind of thing that few businesses can easily ignore. Making mobile workers more effective also increases the total talent pool available to businesses of all sizes, helping to ensure that the right worker is found for the right job.

Social phone services are a great start to any business, but they’re only a start. Cloud-based telephony tools provide an extra push to most any business, and bringing in instant conferencing systems will also help keep mobile workers focused and on the same page, but it’s not just about keeping the mobile workers together; it’s also about making it easier for customers to contact the business. An auto attendant system can do that particular job very well.

So making the decision to go with a social phone service is likely to be a decision that you ultimately won’t regret. Just get in touch with Halloo and get the process started toward a larger overall phone system that can do wonders for your business.

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