What Is SMS?

SMS is the acronym for short message service, but today it is most commonly known as text messaging. Essentially a telephone keypad or an on-screen keyboard is used in order to type a message. The user then hits send and the message is almost instantly received by the cellular phone it is destined for. A short message service center is the intermediary to the transmission of these messages.

Nontraditional SMS Uses

While traditionally SMS has been used for communicating quickly and easily via cell phone, today SMS is used for much more than keeping in touch with family and friends. The list of ways it can be used in a business is impressive.

  • Get connected to your security system and receive real-time notifications of anything that is happening at your property. You can create settings that alert you via SMS immediately if a sensor is activated or if a video camera has started recording. This allows you to keep tabs on your business, or home, no matter where you are.

  • Send and receive email so that even if you have limited data on your phone, you don’t have to miss a single email message. This is ideal for the international traveler. Often cell phone plans offer international coverage that is generous with texts, not too bad with phone calls, and stingy with data. Email via SMS ensures that you remain in the loop.
  • Find out about the traffic near you using your SMS system. Simply sign up for traffic alerts from Traffic.com and you can easily avoid crowded roadways.
  • Advertise using SMS platforms. If you have an impressive number of individuals using your text messaging system, it may be easy to simply send out text messages regularly about your business or any sales you are having. A live hyperlink allows users to quickly see more details and even start shopping.
  • Sync your calendar and your SMS system. Google Calendar can be connected to your phone messaging center, in order to ensure that your schedule is under-control. The SMS system will prompt you with a reminder prior to the start of events.
  • The SMS text alerts that you should have signed up for when you were setting up your new Halloo service allows you to keep an eye on what is happening at your business. You can receive notifications of phone calls via SMS. Voicemails alerts will also come by SMS if you are unavailable to take a call.

Gone are the days of your text messaging service delivering only one type of information – the chatty short communication between friends. Instead it is a major asset to your business, allowing you to instantly get information that you would otherwise have to wait for. It also lets you take a fresh approach to marketing, security, and communication in general.

Embrace the difference SMS can make in your business now and experience the convenience and advantages waiting for you.