Customer Relationship Management Made Easy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as have become the defacto sales and support tool for large enterprise and government organizations worldwide. The idea is pretty simple: manage your business interactions in a central database so that your sales and support organization can leverage that knowledge for increased sales and more effective customer service.

But, is a full blown enterprise system like right for your small business? While it would be wonderful to have all of our customers organized neatly into opportunities and leads, along with the probability of closing and potential value of the deal, rarely is this the way information is handled in smaller organizations. Certainly, having this full contact information, along with organizational chart intelligence about the counter-parties that you deal with would be ideal. However, with the demands of running a business, vast amounts of data can be overwhelming.

Most small businesses have relatively simple products and services. For example, Mary calls to ask whether you have any openings in June for your rental cabins. You tell her there are openings and give her a quote, but she’s not ready to book yet and hangs up. From her Caller-ID, you can see that she’s calling from the Jacksonville, Florida area. But, you weren’t able to gather more information from her during your brief conversation.

Your business may get dozens or even hundreds of calls like this per day, but chances are that you keep most of these conversations on yellow post-it notes or scrap paper, if you track them at all. Let’s face it, the time it takes to log these transactions into a traditional CRM is just too much. Often it’s not even possible to create a full record because all of the information you have on the contact is the date, time, phone number and the caller’s first name.

Jacksonville, FL rental

Jacksonville, FL rental

At Halloo, we recognize that small business customer relationship management is very different from enterprise CRM. A more practical and user-friendly system is required and data entry has to be minimized. And, the technology advances that are available need to be incorporated into the system.

After all, the virtual phone system tracks when a call comes in, so why does that information need to be re-entered into the contact management system? Plus, the caller id info should be incorporated into the contact record so that agents don’t need to spend time asking questions such as city and phone number.

Halloo’s virtual phone and contact management system tracks all of this information as well as allowing team members in your company to add their notes directly into the contact record. That way, you’ll know your colleague, Tom, talked to this person yesterday and already gave her a quote on a cabin, so you can start the conversation by asking her if she’s ready to make a reservation.

Contact Management

Halloo’s tools were designed to work seamlessly together to save you time and effort. All of the best benefits of CRM have been incorporated into this small business-friendly, easy-to-use contact management system.