Salesforce Mobile Dashboard Keeps Businesses Well Informed Anywhere

When it comes to small business, one of the biggest names in data is Salesforce. So when Salesforce brings out a mobile app, it’s the kind of thing to take notice of. And for those small businesses needing a way to keep an eye on their inputs and outputs, no matter where they are, Salesforce Mobile Dashboard looks to provide the information businesses need.

Salesforce Mobile Dashboards is a free app, iPad-specific, that allows users to gain access to dashboards of all sorts, as well as search for other dashboards that users may not be familiar with yet. Users can zoom in on the individual components of those dashboard reports, generating reports about them, and also get a wider view of the larger overall picture according to the results of the information processed through the dashboard. Users can modify the reports accordingly, email the generated reports to other users, and use a dashboard’s Chatter feed to discuss the information in the reports with others.

For those users who are Salesforce users, and already have several dashboards in play, you’re exactly who Salesforce had in mind with this app. This gives Salesforce users a substantial advantage; not only are they able to get access to the wide variety of information processing capabilities that Salesforce already offers, but they get the extra edge of being able to take that information with them on their iPads. This opens up important possibilities as far as business continuity goes, and allows for vastly increased flexibility, which is just what a small business needs almost as much as it needs sales outright.

Of course, with that improved capability comes the primary problem with such an approach. To get the most out of Salesforce mobile dashboards, you’ll need access to Salesforce’s dashboards, and that in turn will mean you’ll have to be a subscriber. While non-subscribers will still get access to demo reports and dashboards to give users a better idea of what Salesforce has to offer, it won’t be anywhere near as powerful as what could be had for subscribers.

As important as information is when it comes to operating a small business and making it as powerful as it can be, it won’t be good enough by itself. Having cloud-based telephony features on hand like auto attendants and intelligent routing tools to back them up will be every bit as important, and help the business become all it truly can be.

Salesforce Mobile Dashboards will really only be much of a help to those already using Salesforce dashboards, but for those who are, the added value involved in being able to take them on the road should be quite welcome indeed.

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