Documents Free Gives Users A Mobile Platform To Work With On Documents

There are many facets of a business’ operation, from cash flow regulation to communications controls. But sometimes, users just need a way to work with documents remotely. That’s where Documents Free for iOS comes in.

Documents Free is a slightly scaled down, and therefore free, version of the Documents Mobile app. It allows users to manage text documents and spreadsheets alike, both online and offline, and even allows users to synchronize their files with Google Docs, or open the results on PCs and Macs alike. This version offers full support for .csv and .txt files, while providing a more limited support for files like .doc and .xls files that might more typically be found in Google Docs.

Basically, Documents Free is just a small, quick way to readily work with documents no matter where the user actually is. Though the actual uses for Documents Free are inherently limited, it’s a great way to not only get a little work done while traveling–and without the need to carry around a larger platform like a laptop–but also receive information while on the road as the need arises.

The app overall is very stable, with a lot of recent fixes geared toward making it easier to work with. Those who tried it in the past and didn’t like it may want to give it another go as a result. The interface is also pretty sharp, though the ability to word process on a touchscreen device like an iPhone–admittedly, not so much an iPad, where keyboards built into cases are a regular fact of life–is somewhat suspect and will vary from user to user. It’s easy to see where a lot of people would like an app like this, as it allows users to so quickly receive information in the field, information that make the ultimate difference between success and failure in a business setting.

Being able to not only receive but send information is an important part of any business, and allows the fewest opportunities to be lost. Another great way to prevent lost opportunities is with cloud-based telephony tools like call hold and transfer services and screen pops, ensuring that customers can respond to your marketing efforts easily and with a minimum of effort, making it easy to answer a web site’s call to action or just not get lost in the shuffle.

Documents Free may not be sufficiently full-featured for some users, but for a free, quick alternative to accessing data by larger devices, it will likely prove to be a sufficient solution for most.

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