Review: Yummy, Yummy Jelly Beans From Android

Small business owners, rejoice. If you feel the love with your Android-powered devices, know that the latest delicacy in the Android operating system, “Jelly Bean,” does come with some extra unique features.

The Story Behind Jelly Bean

While not as excellent an addition as the previous update, “ice cream sandwich,” (which, let’s be fair, I’d prefer an ice cream sandwich over a jelly bean), Jelly Bean android does have its perks. And auto attendants everywhere are licking their lips with this one.

Here are the additions to keep a close eye on:




  • Google Now
  • Better Notifications
  • Cleaner Text and Voice
  • More Efficient Security
  • Multiple User Accounts

So here’s the question: how does this benefit the everyday entrepreneur or small business?

What Is Google Now?

Call centers are in a rage with the phones ringing right now, but let’s first get this out of the way — another Google app? Seriously? Haven’t we beaten this dead horse enough?

Apparently not, because Google Now streamlines the whole Google search app to a tee. You’re basically looking at a dashboard with Google now, working with the search bar you’ll find on your mobile devices. How does it streamline it?

A businessperson, CEO, or general manager on the go basically has a virtual office at his or her hands with Google Now, tapping into some real-time information such as the next appointment, destination directions, the whole weather forecast thing, and even nearby businesses.

Check Out the Notifications

Convenience. That’s all I have to say about that. Typically in the previous versions of Android, a businessperson checking notifications for a missed call would need to then close the notification window and then dial the specific number. In Jelly Bean, you can simply tap the notification on the touchscreen, and your call is instantly dialed!

The same goes for those calendar notifications you get. When you have notifications set to remind you two hours before a scheduled meeting with staff, all you need to do is tap that calendar notification, and you’re instantly tapped into your messaging system. If you need to let everyone know on Google Calendar that you’re going to be ten minutes late, it’s a snap. No hassle.

Texting and Talking

Without a doubt, these two aspects of communication are crucial to business. With Jelly Bean, it’s now a lot easier and more efficient.

Specifically, the default Android keyboard you’ll find on Jelly Bean does an even better job of auto-correcting. That way, you won’t see “excrement” instead of “excitement” or “prostitutes” instead of “prescriptions.” Not the kind of message you want to send to a prospective client, don’t you think?

And speaking of, well, speaking, it’s no surprise that Android technology already had a pretty nifty voice recognition system. There was always just one problem — what your carrier isn’t strong enough and there’s no Wi-Fi connection available? Your voice recognition system’s apparently shot.

With Jelly Bean, you’re good to go, because voice recognition is now built into the device. That way, you don’t need that carrier signal or connection!


How protected your business is: that’s paramount. So Jelly Bean takes the necessary steps to provide the very best in your mobile device. And rightly so.

Android’s particularly notorious for their apps getting ‘infected’ with all kinds of malware, turning your mobile business structure into a malevolent nightmare. Now, though, with Jelly Bean, a security strategy implemented in the system called address space layout randomization makes it nearly impossible for anyone to sneak into the apps of your mobile device.

Last But Not Least, Multi-User Accounts

Save the best for last, gentlemen. Although I believe at this time this particular Jelly Bean feature isn’t even official. It’s more of a hidden bonus, but so beneficial for business.

With a Jelly Bean device, you can set up multiple accounts for the same app at the same time. Pretty nifty.

Think of how handy that would be in retail, demonstrations, or even presentations when using powerful Android tablets. Or maybe you’re the owner of a small bookstore with a handy tablet to handle all the inventory, payroll and supply. What happens, though, when you need to hand that same device to your salespeople? Simply switch the user account on the device to a “sales” account with a built-in credit card reader. No inventory, payroll and supply information listed, just the basic needs of your sales staff ready to go.

Basically one account with “multiple users” is the key. Saves time, saves hassles, saves downloads, saves in just about everything.

The Only Thing Is….

I’d give this a full five stars (which is rare, yes), except for the fact that we’re dealing with Android. Yes, it’s powerful. But you need a powerful device to handle it. If you don’t, you’re sitting in muddy waters with this powerful operating system and a clunky tablet or smartphone.

Time is money in business. So if you’re dedicated to Android, please do make sure your devices are top of the line, especially when those updates to Android seem to coincide with new releases of devices (unless you know how to “root” your Android device).

Jelly Beans

Still, all the updating does have its perks. And if you have mobile plans for your business, updating your devices shouldn’t be too hard. So give it a shot. Pop a few jelly beans in. They’re tasty.

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