Review: Yummy, Yummy Jelly Beans From Android

Small business owners, rejoice. If you feel the love with your Android-powered devices, know that the latest delicacy in the Android operating system, “Jelly Bean,” does come with some extra unique features.

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iPhone 5 Extra Row of Apps: Do More Aps Help Small Business?

iphone 5 extra apps and small business

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I’m going to offer a shameless rant for just one second: I hate being told ‘There’s an app for that.’  I hate when my phone asks me if I want to add an app and being advised that a website has a mobile app.  If I said yes to them all, I’d be flooded with a ton of apps I never use – which all need to be updated, by the way.  So, what does an extra row of aps on the iPhone 5 mean to small business, exactly? Continue reading

Review: What Is “NFC” and Why the iPhone Should (or Shouldn’t) Have It (Yet)

It’s the natural progression of ideas and routines — first there was paper money, then there was credit cards, then there was PayPal, and now we have something called “NFC.”

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Review: LinkedIn Has Stepped Up Even More Into the Small Business Arena

What? Another article about LinkedIn? Come on! This is like beating a dead horse. And we already know this horse isn’t really dead (more like a healthy thoroughbred).

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Review: YouDazzle Dazzles Like SkyDrive and Google Drive?

We’re seeing it everywhere these days…. Remember the good ol’ days when you worked on your desktop on a document and freaked when someone would glance at the screen?

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Review: Ning Is Changing, Revolutionizing, and Ope-Ning New Doors (at a Huge Cost)

Blogs, blogs, blogs — it’s all about the blogs. There was a time when a blog was nothing more than a diary for a 15-year-old with a smartphone and cute scrunchies.

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