Review: MailChimp Has All the Bananas

It’s a busy day in the Congo and especially for auto attendants and call centers alike. But one thing’s for sure.. All the bananas are gone! Get Tarzan here, stat, for an emergency restock. Potassium is necessary, you know?

Of course, you’re all wondering just where did all the bananas go. Here’s the answer: ask Google.

The Power of the Google Apps Marketplace

Don’t worry; the review’s coming. But to fully grasp the review, you have to grasp the Marketplace. The Hub. The Central Core of Small Business Efficiency. Otherwise known as the Google Apps Marketplace.

This is the heart of Google’s business endeavor to optimize companies and entrepreneurs with the very best in applications utilized either on computer or laptop, or just your smartphone. That is, of course, the wave of the future.

There’s one specific app, though, that has stolen all these bananas. You know what it’s called?

Introducing “MailChimp”

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Google doesn’t play around. When they bring the best, they bring the best.

Obviously, in this day and age of digital awareness, being able to go viral through e-mail’s essential. That’s what MailChimp does. It essentially rolls all those packages into one banana peel — everything from sending e-mail newsletters to subscription list management to monitoring campaign performance to even e-mail marketing synchronization with the greats like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

And everyone knows that any business out there must absolutely have a LinkedIn page, a Facebook page, and maybe even a Twitter page. It’s practically a requirement.

In addition, MailChimp — because it’s such a comprehensive app — utilizes what is called an ‘open API.’ That’s just digital lingo for ‘convenience,’ in the sense that you can integrate MailChimp with just about any system out there within the Google Apps Marketplace — such as Rapportive, Zendesk, Freshbooks, Batchbook CRM, Shopify, or Magento.

Only Bananas, Though? What About Apples?

There lies the rub, though — the integration only exists within Google’s Marketplace. Any other app you can find — be it in Yahoo or Windows Live or wherever — MailChimp sits on its own. Good, but not great.

In other words, you have to be a devoted Google user. And we all know there’s some heavy competition out there.

Be a Chimp, Not a Chump

Aside from the minor disadvantage, let’s face it: Google’s a mega-workhorse in the Wi-Fi/internet/cyberspace universe, no denying it. So you’d really be hard-pressed to deny the power of the Marketplace, let alone the ease of use of MailChimp. It’s so collaborative, comprehensive, cohesive, and just about any other c-word out there that literally over 650,000 people use it — from the simple 1-man start-up business to your everyday non-profit organization to the gargantuan Fortune 500 companies.

You can’t compete with those bananas.

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