Review: Slide in the Rocket for Blast-Off!

Namely “SlideRocket,” the latest in presentation technology for your small business needs…. (cue in trendy corporate jingle along with logo). What is SlideRocket? We’ll get to that here in a little bit. But first you have to know this:

Presentations Are Paramount

This even goes without saying. Everything else being equal — like your trusty auto attendant, call centers, and what-have-you — your business absolutely can’t survive without effective presentation. That goes for both within your office and outside of your office regarding possible clientele.

So what is a CEO supposed to do? Use Windows Movie Maker? Or maybe PowerPoint’s pretty decent?

Introducing SlideRocket

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

This isn’t just a presentation tool like PowerPoint.

SlideRocket, with its cloud-based format, can be utilized literally anywhere. That’s right — anywhere. At home. At school. In a bathroom. Even on a smartphone.

SlideRocket — A Step Into the Future

You see, the thing with PowerPoint is that it’s linear. No one can see it unless you either display it on the big screen or print the slides out. SlideRocket takes it one step further, utilizing the internet to its advantage.

You can actually take a presentation meeting online with SlideRocket. It’s also not like you have an empty base here with no human interaction. SlideRocket utilizes basic social media to allow for built-in commenting, letting you see all kinds of feedback from those linked in to your presentation.

If you’re worried about how open-source the concept might be, allowing all kinds of undesirables onto your online presentation, no worries: you control who views your presentation.

Professional templates and themes decorate all your potential in this remarkable piece of software as well, allowing you to tailor the very best presentation only a master could create.

And if you’re worried about a lack of visual and audio coherency that can be easily squashed by the tried-and-true method of simply meeting in a room with a clicker and screen, fear not: hi-def audio and visual capability is numero uno with SlideRocket.

Can It Be Possible?

It can. In this day and age of the internet spanning to the far reaches and beyond, you can even save a file online for free without taking up physical memory space on your desktop computer. All thanks to Google.

And SlideRocket takes advantage of that. Utilizing Google Docs, SlideRocket becomes an easy peasy sign-in sign-off establishment. In saving all your materials on Google’s secure server, you no longer have to worry about bringing the laptop, or turning on the desktop, or a power outage, or a virus. Simply go anywhere that has an internet connection, and your material’s there.

You can sync all your work to fit all kinds of tables and charts to match the concept of your presentation perfectly. And if you were worried that all of that effort (and it doesn’t take much effort at all with SlideRocket) to match up your skeleton outlines and such wouldn’t amount to much because of the lack of communication between participants, worry not. SlideRocket integrates well with Google Contacts, making sharing and notifications an absolute breeze.

Houston, Do We Have a Problem?

There is a flip side to the coin, though. You’re looking at a whole lot of material to investigate. There’s so much involved with this piece of software that it might overwhelm you.

You might be the CEO that likes the bread-and-butter work of designing your own presentations on a big clipboard and carrying it around from place to place. And that’s fine and dandy! It worked well in the past; why trash it?

Of course, hiring an IT professional to handle your SlideRocket agenda wouldn’t hurt….

The Bottom Line

You won’t find a better product in SlideRocket. It’s so much better than using PowerPoint that it actually uses PowerPoint, so-to-speak. It uses everything — Microsoft Word, Excel, all kinds of media files. It’s all-inclusive.

And when it comes to the internet for business, nothing beats all-inclusive.

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