Review: A Taskforce of Cyberspace Nature?

Many would say ‘probably not.’ Introducing a rather interesting app that aims to solve the issue of overflowing e-mails and spam in the INBOX: it’s called Taskforce. Founded by Niccolo Pantucci and Courtland Allen, it’s an interesting innovation that essentially turns e-mails into…. Wait for it…. Tasks!

That’s Right, Simple ‘Tasks’

Hear’s the point of all of it: ever get swamped by all the e-mails and get tired of sifting through all of them just to look for the one you want at that very moment? Many people are. Taskforce is designed to simplify it all for you by converting e-mails into what you’d normally find on digital calendars. Tasks.

What Is the Point of the App?

You see, tasks are designed as a way to organize your day. They usually pop up on a Google Calendar as a ‘reminder,’ or whatnot. Imagine getting an e-mail as a ‘reminder’ on your computer.

You’re basically turning your INBOX into a flying monkey that on certain days will drop a ‘message’ to you at the appropriate time.

The Problem With the App

Taskforce is a nifty idea. Here’s the problem, though:

We live in an age that revolves around sorting. Plain and simple. INBOX’s are king. And while it does make some sense to organize e-mails as tasks sent to us at the appropriate time, we get a little edgy when we’re looking at an empty INBOX and expecting some mail to come in.

This goes for small businesses, of course — and while their work is better spent doing their ‘work’ and not ‘sorting through the INBOX,’ it also applies to the amount of stress and adjustment to working through a new type of system.

The Bottom Line With Taskforce

Sometimes you’ve got to simply say — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Small business communications revolve around e-mail. As hellish as the age-old internet idea phenomenon is (that’s right, to this day, it’s still a phenomenon), businesses are used to working this way —

Opening up the e-mail, checking the messages, sorting through all the mail, filing to all corresponding folders, and deleting all the spam! The bottom line is it’ll take a long time to convert a tried system — however flawed — into a revolutionary system that may be designed to enhance and instill efficiency, but can also utterly confuse the marketing or clerical professional or whatever professional from doing his or her job.

However…. On the Flip Side of the Coin

There’s never a ‘too early’ danger for new technology. The truth is in a few years we might be able to embrace this style of communication technology and would see a ton of businesses ditch the archaic INBOX for some sort of internet delivery system designed around ‘tasks’!

That might — and I strongly urge the word ‘might’ — be something useful in our near future. Just not now.

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