Review: Contacto–Contact Management Excelsior

If there’s one thing a small business needs, it’s a way to keep contacts straight. Whether they be suppliers, vendors, customers or colleagues, you need to know who can be reached at what location. That’s why a small business should have a reliable source of contact management. Contacto will do a fine job of providing just that.

Contacto gives you a variety of categories you can use, such as Family, Colleages and Buddies, to help you sort your various contacts, and of course, you can add more groups later. You’ll also get a variety of other features, such as dialing out functions via Skype, letting you make contact with those folks via wi-fi connection if you’d rather not use (or are otherwise precluded from using) phone minutes, visual dialing (the program makes an unusually specific point of telling you that humans do a better job of searching for things visually as opposed to by text, so you’ll be able to connect contact listings to an avatar, much like in chat programs. You’ll be able to add and delete and update your contacts as normal as well.

Contacto is shockingly easy to use. On the off chance you have a problem with using it, Contacto even offers up a full tutorial, explaining how you can use its various features. So even if you’re not that well versed in using mobile apps for your business, you’ll get built-in instructions on demand. And it’s available on both iOS and Android, which means most devices out there will be well served.

The sheer number of ways you can sort your contacts, coupled with the ease of use, pretty much guarantees that this is going to be valuable for any small business that needs to keep track of the people it deals with regularly. And that means that most any small business is going to find this terribly useful.

Score ****

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