Accra Genius Map A Worthwhile GPS Option

Finding your way around is the kind of thing that any small business needs to succeed, but when there’s no Internet connection around, what’s to be done? Accra Genius Map is ready to help with an offline mapping system that mostly does the job.

Accra Genius Map is geared to work with the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad; all of Apple’s devices will work here as long as they’re packing iOS 4.0 or later, though it’s not specifically optimized for the iPhone 5. But if you’ve got the appropriate device, it’s going to provide a set of offline maps to help users get around.

But it’s not just maps…it’s also packing an offline search service to allow for rapid location of streets, landmarks, placemarks and more. Users can establish their own custom placemark, and share those placemarks around as they see fit.  The newest version–version 2.0–boasts an increased number of placemarks, as well as support for Google Maps and an improved user interface.

The app itself works surprisingly well, with the touchscreen controls proving responsive and easy to work with. Considering that the app itself only costs $.99, it’s easy to say that this will prove a sound idea when it comes to mapping software, and will easily allow you to locate, for example, your car in a parking lot, or various businesses in the immediate area. This gives business users a lot of utility, serving as a market research app, a sales tool, or just a way to figure out where you are in relation to where you want to be. There’s nothing quite so galling as the thought of missing a sale because you were late to a meeting when you couldn’t find the building your potential buyer was located in, and it’s just the kind of thing that GPS navigation software like Accra Genius Maps can help get around.

While the Accra Genius Map isn’t perfect, and it certainly isn’t a match for good communications tools, it’s going to do a sound job in terms of getting users where they need to be and where they want to go. That goes a long way in terms of keeping a small business running.