Organizing Tools for Small Businesses

Keeping a small business organized makes a huge difference in its day to day running. Having the right systems in place can make for greatly increased efficiency, less frustration, and higher profits. We have compiled a few great tools that are sure to help you do business better than ever.

Customer Management Systems

A Customer Management System is the ideal fit to help organize the sales efforts of any small business. Being able to easily access information on a customer or potential customer saves time, makes a great impression on customers, and lets you work smarter, instead of scrambling to figure out where the caller is in the sales process.

A customer management system, such as the one built into the Halloo virtual phone system gives you the information you need as soon as you need it. When the call pops up on your screen, it is immediately followed by information about the caller, so you can pick up where you left off and meet the caller’s needs precisely. To make this platform even more beneficial to small businesses is the fact that you can access the Halloo Dashboard anywhere, so you can be open for business wherever you go.

Project Management Apps

Project management apps help you take those multiple projects that your small business is tackling, and the many great ideas that are waiting to happen, and pull them all together in one place for easy access. You can easily break down tasks to ensure things are done in a timely manner and so you can see where you are at a glance.

An online project management system makes it easy to organize tasks for the different projects you are working on collaboratively. With systems like Asana, Smartsheet, and Trello, you can organize projects, assign tasks and due dates, track progress, share files, and communicate with your team from one platform.

Note Tools

A note tool is so much more than a simple app for making your to-do list. While such lists are excellent for keeping the small business person on task, a platform that allows you to go beyond your to-do list is needed for most businesses.

Keeping abreast of content and information relevant to your industry is critical for business growth. A good note tool will allow you to do so by providing an interactive platform for storing information, working on your own content, and working with collaborators.

A note tool like Evernote or Springpad allows you to put everything you need in one place.  You can collect web content, physical notes, photos and more, and keep them together and easily accessible, across any type of device. Keep track of things you are writing for work and add to them from anywhere.

There are many tools out there to help a small business get organized. If you’ve ever experienced a moment of frustration because you know you have the answer to a question but don’t know where it is, it’s time to try out some of the tools that will help streamline access to information in your business. A great starting point is a tool like Halloo that has free plans available, so you can try it on for free before you upgrade and roll it out throughout your business for maximum efficiency.