Meet the Grand Prize Winner of the Halloo Contest!

Meet the Grand Prize Winner of our Halloo contest! We asked the question, “How do you use Halloo in your business?” Jim Czekner, Founder of Meta Section, LLC, submitted this entry:

“Meta Section is our second company using Halloo.  The first company was sold to a technology services vendor a few years ago.  Keeping everything virtual with companies like Halloo, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud services affords us great flexibility and portability.

“We have setup both voice and fax services with Halloo.  Call forwarding allows us to work in distributed offices while appearing to be centralized.  The email forwarding of voicemails and faxes makes sure that we never miss anything.  We have the email and faxes hooked up to our ticketing system provided by Freshdesk.  Works perfectly.

“As a startup, we watch our cash very carefully.  The fact that Halloo provides such a professional presentation at a great price is important to us.  In addition, the service is quick and easy to setup.  We move at ‘startup speed’ and appreciate anything that saves time. We actively recommend Halloo to our fellow startups.”

Jim Czekner, Meta Section, LLC

Meta Section, LLC, launched TOP5mobile in 2013 to provide merchants with a professional mobile web app development and hosting platform. Leveraging the latest technologies including cloud services, they successfully deliver value to their customers by reducing the barriers of entry and engaging their customer base.

TOP5mobile is a convenient, easy, and affordable mobile web app design and hosting platform for small to medium sized retailers and restaurateurs. Their mobile web apps include a mobile optimized shopping cart, daily deals, social media content, coupons, and SMS text marketing.

Thanks, Jim, for sharing how you use Halloo! We appreciate your business. Enjoy your new ipad mini!