Where Should You Place Your Phone Number?

Having a quick and easy way to call your business is one of the most powerful additions to any website. In fact, if your website does not have prominent phone number placement already, it is time for you to speak to your web designer about creating a way to easily call, not only to your home page, but to every page of your website. If you are the web designer at your business, a quick online search can provide step-by-step instructions on how to easily add a click to call button that connects directly to your business.

Smartphones Are Leading the Way

Today, more and more consumers are using their web-enabled smartphones to search for information prior to making purchases. During their searches, the urge to reach out to your company for additional information or even to make a purchase is strong. That means every small business needs a mobile enhanced website for easy navigation, as well as a well-placed phone number on all webpages. That allows consumers to instantly call without having to copy and paste a number or try to remember it. And even though more consumers than ever research prior to making purchases, they often still want that personal touch of a phone call to a real person in order to close the deal.

Pro-Tip: Make the phone number on your website into a hyperlink that can call your company with one click from a smartphone. Here’s an example of the coding you’ll need to create an active hyperlink – <a href=”tel:18882383822″>Call Halloo!</a>. (Don’t forget to add you own number and call to action!)

A Well-Placed Number Brings in More Sales

Many websites today lack easy to find contact information. Often when people are researching products or services, they have questions or are ready to buy, but are stuck having to search through multiple pages to find contact information for the company. Sometimes, it’s just easier to go back to the browser and choose the next search engine result rather than continue to search for contact information. Don’t lose sales because of the placement of your phone number. Put your phone number prominently on every page of your website, so how to reach your company is always obvious.

A Call to Action Matters

Web content specialists often talk about the importance of using a call to action in your website content. Providing information for consumers is great, but you should also make it easy for them to take the next step. A link to easily contact your business is the perfect way to include that call to action, because you are not just saying it, you are making it easy for them to simply click to call you directly.

Easy to find contact information is a major advantage to any website. In fact, for many businesses, it is a necessity in today’s mobile driven marketplace. If you have a Halloo virtual phone system, you know the importance of the phone to your business. Be sure that your customers and potential customers can find your numbers quickly and easily with prominent web placement and valuable web tools such as click-to-call.