Leverage Your Social Networking Efforts with Klout

It goes without saying that in business, reputation means everything.  What isn’t as obvious, is how to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.  Many businesses, whether traditional brick and mortar or those that exist entirely online, are turning to social networking opportunities such as Facebook and Twitter as part of their overall marketing strategy.  This is the new ‘word of mouth’, and it can be very powerful.

So how do you know if it is working, when measuring the conversion rate for your online efforts can be difficult?   Fortunately, a free service offered by Klout.com can help!

By designing an algorithm using over 35 variables, Klout evaluates your social networking accounts to help you understand your scope of influence.  They define influence as the ability to encourage another person to action.  In the online world, where the competition for attention is fierce, this audience engagement is significant.

Using Klout is simple!  In a matter of minutes you will be reviewing your profile, complete with statistics that are incredibly meaningful if not just plain interesting.  A review of your current audience may help you to target your offerings based on potential clients.  Knowing which subject areas you are considered authoritative on may encourage you to alter the way you describe your business, products or services.  No matter the details, Klout helps to reinforce that it doesn’t matter how many friends or followers you have –they just have to be the RIGHT ones!

The Good

  • Score analysis is displayed using graphs, giving you a visual scorecard of your progress.

The Bad

  • With all of their analysis data and methods of scoring, I wish they would provide you with suggestions on how to improve based on those you influence.

The Rating

  • This is a powerful tool that only promises to improve with time and further integration!
  • 4 / 5 Stars

Getting started is easy! Visit https://www.klout.com and begin by signing-in with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Klout currently integrates with Facebook and Twitter accounts and has announced that support for LinkedIn is coming soon.