Jaw-dropping Results on Just How Much More Efficient Social Phone Systems Are

What if I suggested that most of your small business phone system issues could be instantly eliminated?  You know, the, “I thought you called the customer back” loss of sale issues that happen to the best companies out there.  Social phone systems may be the answer.

With a savvy combination of social media features and typical phone uses, you won’t believe how much more efficient your business can be.  By consensus, these are the two jaw-dropping features we like most:

Multiple people can track each call.
If you are part of team that works in different departments, what could be more useful than seeing who called in when, who spoke to them and the date/time of each call? A social phone system immediately puts those facts in front of each logged-in team members face.

The clean, simple look of the screen makes commentaries more personal, as well.  That means your entire office can feel more in touch by knowing each other not just by names (Jenny in accounting) but the use of an avatar face icon as well.

On the other end, customers feel more in touch with your business.  If anything is missing in the digital age, it’s personalization.  They can see their customer service representative and know who was able to help them – making incentives and awards even more doable for most performance based employees.

Vitural benefits beyond belief.
Social phone systems are helping to take away the stigmas associated with virtual offices.  One of the best small business phone systems out there, the social phone system brings employees together like never before.

Folks can hold ‘virtual’ meetings that put faces to every body in the room.  They can see what actions everyone else has taken today. For example, did you call the customer back or should I? Connecting people with a message-like board of a social phone system makes life easier for everyone, um, ‘in’ the office.

Managers also appreciate their ability to quickly see who’s done what for the day. A social phone system takes the guess work out of who’s performing – especially if calls are a required part of the job.  Consider how much more organized everything becomes when you don’t have to ask questions, but can see their answers right on screen?

If your business needs to bring people together, look into the social phone system.  You won’t believe how easy it is to use.