3 Key Answers to What Is a Social Phone System

What is a social phone system? When you connect the very specific call log information with social media (i.e. putting faces and names to all the calls coming in or going out) you have a social phone system.

A social phone system takes the siloed database of call logs and combines it with 3 key features:

Track all your customer activity
If Mrs. Jones says she called on the 3rd of October to check on an order, you have a log right there to confirm (or not) the validity of her customer service gripes.  You can see who, what and when she was called back or just the details about who spoke to her.

Faces and names to phone numbers being called
In a digital age, many of us are losing touch with the reality of human-to-human contact. Social phone systems eliminate part of this concern by providing faces and names to be associated with phone numbers. When you call out, up pops the customer photos, etc so you can finally put a face to a name.

Makes organization more efficient
There is nothing worse than a disconnected team of employees.  The social phone system makes you seem like you’re always on top of your game by providing all the details associated with the siloed call log.  You don’t just see notes in a customer management software, you see details based on call log data in black and white.