Halloo Hint: Hunt Groups

What’s one of the best benefits of belonging to a hunt group? You can see the notes of other members in the same group. For example, if you’re part of the Sales hunt group, you’ll be able to see that John Doe called your teammate, Sally, last week and she noted where the conversation left off. Now you know exactly where to pick back up when John calls again, making you look like a customer service rock star!

The notes for the hunt group will be part of each member’s timeline stream. This helps your whole team provide the best customer experience!

Important: This feature only works if the call is routed through the hunt group to you. If the caller dials your direct extension, your notes will not be visible to others. In addition, if you’re not part of your colleagues’ hunt group, this shared feature will not function.

Want to know more? Check out our comprehensive guide to hunt groups.

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