Halloo Case Study: By Design Ministries

At this time of year–some would say especially at this time of year–many people out there stop and remember Jesus Christ, and all the things he did. And while everyone’s got a different way of doing that, the people at By Design Ministries had a way to do it that few others had tried. They brought in Halloo to provide them a way to easily reach people who want to learn more about God through their ministry.

Like most ministry services, budget was a factor. And while By Design knew it could get a lot done on the Internet with a series of sound bites put in place around a variety of subjects related to religious issues, they also knew that not everybody had access to the Internet, nor did everyone always have access to it where they were, which made an auto attendant service useful. After prayer and consideration alike, they came to Halloo to establish their services. And they had plenty of services to offer, including a variety of audio products and text services, as well as special events throughout the state of Michigan, all designed around their central message, getting free through the power of God.

Toll Free Prayer Service

By Design Ministries began to establish a series of services and resources to help people, as they describe, “move into their God given destiny and live fully”. To this end, they established 1-888-GODFIX1–a toll-free number and one of Halloo’s cloud-based telephone services–to serve as an “encouragement line” for people to call at any given time, day or night, and get access to a variety of spiritual services, from teachings on peace to those related to joy and love, and beyond.

A Full Slate Of Options

By Design Ministries split its fare up into a series of categories; calling 1-888-GODFIX1 gives callers access to a set of prerecorded messages designed to uplift and encourage the user. The prerecorded messages tackle such topics as Laughter, A Shot Of God’s Love, A Shot Of God’s Peace, Prayers For Health, Receiving Blessing, Life And Freedom, and Enter Into A Relationship With The Living God. Prior to Halloo, By Design Ministries did not–indeed, could not–offer such services.

“…did not have an Encouragement Line (before Halloo).”

Simple And Effective

By Design Ministries quickly discovered that many people preferred the ability to call in versus the necessity of logging onto a web site. And by using Halloo’s cloud phone system, By Design didn’t need to find a group of volunteers–or even more difficult, paid staffers–to run the prerecorded message line twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They simply had to get the number out and let people call in as they wished.

“…it was perfect for what we needed.”

So by using Halloo’s cloud-based phone systems and other similar services, By Design Ministries could easily set up a way to access important materials from anywhere within reach of a telephone, and all by calling one number.

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