Generating the Right Leads For Your Business and Nurturing Them

Yes, it’s true that when it comes to marketing, casting the net wide is a proven strategy. However, doing so can also lead to large numbers of leads which can consume the valuable time of your sales staff. If you plan to use methods that will generate a big number of leads, have a strategy in place to deal with those leads effectively and quickly.

As the calls start coming in, an automated phone system can be very helpful. An auto attendant that gives incoming callers a choice based on their needs will allow calls to quickly get sorted in the right direction from the start.

Analysis of Callers

When dealing with the leads generated by your marketing efforts, quickly finding out what the prospect needs is your first step. Use targeted questions that can be answered by a simple yes or no. Open-ended questions can take up a lot of your time. Use a similar set of questions each time in order to quickly and easily work through leads. Make sure all of your teammates have access to the same questions with your phone system’s share features.

As you analyze each caller, be an active listener and delve deeper. Make detailed notes in your contact management system of the things that the caller has to share. These notes are extremely valuable as they are used for lead nurturing. Subsequent calls will use the information gathered here to help them move forward more efficiently with a deeper understanding of the customer and suggestions for the ideal solution.

Customize the Experience

Information about what makes the customer or his firm different is very important to making that all important connection. In your analysis of callers, especially those that emerge as qualified leads, note such details for the next contact. When you or another company representative shares how your company has the perfect customized solution that reflects this differentiation, they will be impressed with your attention to detail.

When potential customers have the feeling that they are receiving specialized treatment, they are much more likely to make their purchases from you. Being offered a customized solution is always preferable to one-size-fits-all offer. Not only does it create a positive feeling for the customer, it also leaves an exceptional impression of how your company does business.

While getting large numbers of leads can seem to be a lucrative first step, ensuring that those are the right leads and qualifying them is equally important. Employees need to judiciously spend time on each lead to analyze if it is worthwhile. If a lead does not fit with what your business offers, cut your losses and politely end the call so you can move on to the next one. Make any notes on how well a lead fits with your company’s offerings in the contact management system.  Nurture only the leads that work for you.