Evaluating Toll Free Number Area Code Choices

There is no disputing the considerable benefit a toll free number can offer your small business. Even if it is an illusion, you can communicate the image of being a larger and more national company while encouraging your clients to contact you without hesitation.

As if these weren’t reasons enough, the ability for you to forward these calls to your existing devices means you can be in touch without necessarily needing a dedicated receptionist.

Toll Free Numbers - So Many Choices

With the question of whether your business should get a toll free number being so easily answered, the next consideration is more difficult: which area code do you choose?

There is no doubt that the 1-800 area code is the most recognized, but what about the others? 1-888, 1877, 1-866 and 1-855 all offer the same features and advantages for your business –but what kind of marketing message are they sending? 1-800 numbers suggest you are established and rooted, but at what cost? Because these numbers have been around for over 50 years, they are more difficult to get and have all been used and re-used by numerous organizations. This overlap may mean unwanted calls or unwelcome associations.

With all of those things said, perhaps your company is progressive and cutting edge and may benefit from appearing ‘new on the scene’ and fresh? This may mean that a new toll free area code such as 1-855 can be part of your overall brand as you establish yourself.

There are other considerations too –many organizations choose vanity numbers for use with their toll free identities. This 1-855-our-name approach may offer that easy to remember advantage that trumps a less familiar area code.

As with many branding and marketing choices, your mileage may vary. Before you decide, identify the types of people who are most likely to take advantage of your toll free number and proceed from there.