Small Business Spotlight: Next Energy Corp

Some businesses are eternal (florists, attorneys, doctors) yet others are timely in that they have to wait for the right moment in society and economics (and Government) for their businesses to be in a position to thrive. Randy Kaufman of Next Energy is such a man in such a business.

In 1960 Randy’s family started Accurate Heating & Cooling, and in 1978 Randy installed his first solar energy system in Hayward, CA. In 2000 Randy started Next Energy Corporation to focus solely on solar energy systems for homes and commerical properties, and by 2003 had installed his 100th system.

San Francisco Next energy Solar

Randy Kaufman - CEO of Next Energy Corp.

While the state of California had not granted homeowners any tax credits, and though there were periods when energy prices were relatively low, Randy stuck to his vision for an efficient means to harness the sun’s energy for consumers. Years later, Next Energy Corp employs over a dozen employees servicing the greater San Francisco Bay Area and is one of the most productive certified resellers of Sun Power – the leading solar panel technology company.

Randy is proof positive that sticking to your guts, your vision and your passion pays off for small business owners. Kudos Randy!

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