Enhanced Voicemail Helps You Work Without Trying

voicemailWe all have our bad days where we don’t want to talk on the phone. You might have laryngitis, had a family member die recently, or you just don’t feel like talking to someone. That’s the beauty of Halloo’s Enhanced Voicemail. If you don’t feel like talking on the phone, you won’t miss your phone calls. You also won’t need another person to screen your calls for you.

If a customer calls you and you don’t want to answer, they can leave a message with Enhanced Voicemail. When you are feeling better (or your boss tells you to stop moping about,) you can look and listen to your voicemails online or via your cell phone. Enhanced Voicemail can also send messages to your phone with Caller ID helping you to choose whether it is urgent or can wait until later.

Lastly, Enhanced Voicemail will send you an email to let you know that you have a voicemail.

When life gets you down, Enhanced Voicemail helps you work without even trying.