Is a Cloud Based Phone System Right For My Business?

So maybe you are still answering the phone yourself, letting the voicemail system get it, using an inbound call center or relying on your employees to answer every call at your business. Maybe you are even happy with the option you are using for call management in your business. But if you’re here, you are at least wondering what else is available and what the real advantages are.  

If you are considering a cloud based phone system like Halloo, take a moment to ask yourself some questions about whether it is right for your business.

  • Would it be beneficial to be perceived by customers as a bigger firm than you really are? With a cloud based phone system that includes an auto attendant, you can make it seem that you have more employees than you actually do, projecting a more established image.
  • Could your present staff benefit from a more stream-lined call routing system? Multiple users mean that your existing system may be over-taxed and in need of a system set up by departments.
  • Would your team be more successful with a contact management system at their fingertips as they take calls? Cloud based phone systems give you both high tech call handling and an online contact management system that you can access when the phone rings. It gives you the information the previous agent put in the system so you can pick up where the last call left off.
  • Would you like to have more highly trained staff? Automated phone systems like Halloo allow you to record your employees during real calls. This lets you help develop their sales and customer service skills through reviewing their own real calls.
  • Could you use some help with marketing? Automated phone systems allow you to strategically market to your audience of potential customers who are already intrigued by your company through on-hold messages. You can also use recorded conversations to help boost your marketing efforts. They provide real information about the questions potential customers have and what is most important to them. This information is critical to the social media messages and emails you send, as well as the FAQ portion of your website and other ways you communicate with your audience.
  • Are you interested in a premium phone service that’s affordable? Cloud-based phone system Halloo gives you everything a business needs in a quality phone service: voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding and conference calls. This ensures that can keep up with anything the business world sends your way.

If you answered yes to several of these questions, you are definitely ready to make the switch to cloud based phone system like Halloo.