Boost Customer Satisfaction with Your Virtual Phone

Your virtual phone system can support your core business priorities, particularly those involving customer satisfaction. One of the primary strengths of small companies is their ability to tailor their service to customers with whom they have personal relationships and knowledge. Leveraging this natural advantage to its fullest becomes increasingly important as global supply chains and the Internet creates more competition in the market. While large companies may have natural advantages in bulk pricing and networks, customers of all shapes and sizes frequently continue to prefer responsive partners and vendors who can provide individualized service.

Hosted communication systems give you the flexibility to satisfy the information needs of your customers whenever and however it is most convenient to them — and you. With key phone functionality such as call forwarding and on-demand phone conferencing, virtual phone systems give your employees the ability to respond to customers from anywhere. New employees can get up to speed quickly and with confidence, knowing they will be able to consult their colleagues or perform “warm” transfers (when a caller is transferred to another employee directly, with the first employee still on the line to introduce him). Customers instantly feel the confidence that comes with dealing with an established, professional company when they can reach the service or sales personnel they need, whenever they choose.

Qualified candidates can participate from anywhere with a virtual phone system.

Qualified candidates can participate from anywhere with a virtual phone system.

The unprecedented capacity to treat any phone, anywhere in the country, as part of your phone network, gives you freedom. Are there candidates you’d like to hire but whose geographic distance has made you reluctant? They can be included in your phone network in seconds with a virtual, hosted phone system — and connected as if they were in the next room. This means that you can hire the right person to serve your customers, no matter where they are. Your calls can be distributed among your local and remote staff, and the arrangement is completely invisible to your customers.

More advanced features can help customers get to information they need, quickly and efficiently, and can help you satisfy a far greater number of callers than you might otherwise manage. Are you a real estate agent or property manager fielding large numbers of common inquiries? Having an automated attendant with a well-designed set of menu options can make life much easier for your customers. Are you a school, church, or other non-profit trying to stretch one phone line to provide correct information to callers with very different needs? An automated attendant is a very affordable way to scale your information delivery in a manner convenient to your callers.

By implementing technology that makes your customers’ lives, and the lives of those who serve them easier, you’ll earn more satisfied, loyal customers and team members. Optimizing your investment in the right innovative technology will help you satisfy your business objectives.