Apple’s New iPad Mini Rumored Ready In October

There have been plenty of rumors in recent days about the upcoming release of the iPad Mini, the current name being attributed to Apple’s small tablet. But there are new reports out suggesting that this one may be closer to hand than previously thought.

The iPad Mini, rumored to be a seven inch tablet that is said to pack in many of the great Apple standards, like touch screen capability of a resolution comparable to that of the iPad 2, but also with some new features like a changed dock connector and a general design that’s overall much thinner than any of its predecessors. The exact specifications, of course, aren’t yet known and likely won’t be until Apple makes its official announcement. Still, speculation has already begun on several quarters and for several reasons.

Some of the most speculation is going in the direction of market impact. Some have projected that Apple selling a tablet at $299, as some have suggested the iPad Mini will actually sell at, will do some pretty heavy damage in the market. Apple’s products have massive name recognition and are in some circles considered as much a fashion accessory as a computing platform. That’s going to draw plenty, especially those who were interested in an iPad or an iPad 2 or a new iPad, but didn’t want to spend the kind of money Apple was looking to get out of the larger tablets. Yet by like token, it’s clear Apple’s out to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which has done great things in the tiny tablet market space, but going in priced fully $100 more than the competitor? That’s going to take some serious spin to make it happen. You don’t wander into the cheap tablet stakes and be the most expensive tablet, not without some kind of backup plan. Especially since the cheap tablet stakes is already well held by the likes of both Amazon’s tablet and Google’s Nexus 7.

Moreover, the Apple market itself is making the waters muddy for Apple. The next iPhone is said to be getting its formal introduction soon, but will people be interested in buying both a new iPhone and a new, smaller iPad? Some might well choose to buy just one or the other–and why not? they’re pretty close in concept anyway–and that might well cost Apple sales.

While Apple’s next tablet is likely to be every inch a match for its earlier releases, no tablet alone can bring success to a small business. That’s exactly where cloud-based telephony tools like auto attendants and multiple extensions make making contact a lot easier for your business’ potential customers, and that’s going to put a lot of extra boost in the bottom line.

The story of Apple’s newest tablet is a long, strange, confusing trip through rumor, speculation, and analyst report. Who knows what the final product will look like? We will…and it may not be too long a wait.