3 Powerful Ways Being Easy To Reach Builds Your Business

You’ve likely heard that a website is crucial to the success of a business. Equally or even more important is your phone. For many businesses, a website gets them found but a phone call converts the interest to a sale. However, if your phone is not being answered or your phone number is not easy to find, you may be missing out on sales – lots of them. Today, high tech phone systems like Halloo allow you to ensure that your phones are always answered, calls are managed in an effective manner, and the best customer service possible is always delivered. Being easy to reach helps to build your business, in a big way.

Customers Still Prefer To Deal With People

Regardless of the fact that many consumers do initial research online, they still want to deal with actual people, especially when the time comes to make a purchase. The larger the dollar amount involved, the more this is true. In fact, customers often have questions, and the more easily they can quickly reach a company representative who can answer those questions and provide reassurance that this is the right purchase for them, the more likely they are to invest in your products or service.

Service is only a phone call away

Encouraging Phone Calls Makes You Approachable

Today, more and more businesses are offering customer service by email contact forms or through online chatting only. While these methods are convenient for the business, for many customers such methods are not what they want. In fact, not listing a phone number may be the reason a potential customer passes your business over in their search for the right provider. When you boldly put your local and toll free phone numbers out there so they are easy to find, and encourage your audience to call, your business appears much more approachable and customer service oriented than the company that does not.

An Unanswered Phone Leaves Them Wondering

When a potential customer calls a business and gets no answer, especially during regular business hours, it creates doubts. They wonder if your company is a one-person operation or a new business just starting. They wonder if you have the capacity to meet their needs. They wonder about the ease of access to customer service after the purchase. They may even wonder if you are still in business. Making sure every call is answered removes all those doubts.

Today’s technology advances ensure that you are not chained to your desk. In fact, with a cloud based phone system, you can provide outstanding customer service from anywhere, regardless if you are a one-person operation or a much bigger one. Even from your cell phone while on the beach, with a Halloo phone system, you can make sure your business never again misses a call.