4 Ways Using Analytics Can Make Your Business More Successful

Analytics are the most valuable information available to your business. Luckily, the data needed to discover the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your business is readily found. That data for is available from every sale you make, every call you receive, every website visit you get, and every social media effort you make. In the day-to-day running of your business, valuable data is being automatically collected and it is up to those running the business to pull meaningful patterns from that data. In fact, systematically collecting and analyzing data about your business is critical to its success. 

Analytics Save Time

If you have cultivated the analytics waiting for you from the things your business does every day, you can save valuable time. Instead of investing time on products or services that are not what customers want, you get clarity on what they do want so your time and efforts can be focused where they matter most.

Analytics Save Money

Instead of relying on your instincts to determine which direction to go with your business, analytics provide tangible data about what your customers are looking for. This important data helps you decide on the development of new services and/or products, and where to focus your marketing efforts. That means every investment you make in your business will be based on knowledge, instead of guesses.

Analytics Improve Your Online Presence

The data provided through analytics allow you to customize your online presence so that it reflects what your customers are looking for. Small businesses often start out with one type of customer in mind, but often it changes with time. A website for any business should offer information tailored to the different types of customers served, and provide answers to questions commonly asked. Analytics can help you do that with precision, and in a timely manner, as things change.  A better online presence will help you attract even more customers.

Analytics Help You Serve Customers Better

When you are intimately aware of the information analytics offer, you can have the answers to your customers’ questions ready before they answer them. You can also know precisely when to upsell customers to a bigger, better or more comprehensive option. Based on what previous customers have done, you can best direct your new and returning customers to the best solution for them.

Even your phone system can be customized based on analytics. The data provided from your cloud based phone system allows you to determine what callers most often need help with when they call your business. With this information, you can customize the options given by the auto attendant, so calls go directly to the right person. This saves time for both the customer and your staff.

A cloud based phone system like Halloo makes it easy to collect data on customers and potential customers, giving you the information you need for valuable analytics for your business. While online analytics from web site visits are very important, call analytics are even more valuable as a caller is much more likely to become a customer than a web site visitor.

Put analytics to work in your business and get results.