Transforming a Good Customer Care Rep into a Sales Role

Finding a good customer care representative who is also a great salesperson is not always easy. However, for smaller companies it is often necessary to hire individuals who can successfully pull double duty. Finding the ideal customer care representative is typically not a problem, but finding one that is a natural salesperson is often a challenge. If your great employee does not immediately master selling, don’t give up. Try bringing these techniques into the role.


Good customer care representatives can often be coached to master sales techniques. Customer care skills and sales don’t always go hand in hand, but many of the skills do transfer. An experienced sales manager can take the time to listen to a few sales calls by a struggling rep. Sophisticated phone systems like Halloo allow you to record calls for easy and convenient playback. After listening to the calls, your sales manager can likely offer constructive comments and guidance so the rep can work on strategic changes for better sales conversions. Make sure to set up time for these individuals to work together and monitor their progress.


While many of us groan if we hear the word scripts when it comes to selling, for others it can actually be quite beneficial. Some individuals are great at customer care but just mediocre at sales when left to their own devices. In such cases, a script might just be the solution. Don’t give up on a good customer care representative who is just not selling until you have provided her with a selling script and reviewed the results.

Young people in marketing training class


Most people can be trained for new work roles. If you have a willing employee who is interested in becoming a salesperson, an investment in training will likely pay off. While there are indeed natural salespeople, it is possible to hone the skills of someone with an aptitude and interest in sales.  There are a variety of successful methods for training your salespeople. Having them shadow your top seller is most effective if you have a product or service that is very detailed and requires specialized knowledge. To discover which techniques feel right for your business, do some research of available training resources available online and in your local community.

Good customer care representatives can often naturally transition into sales representatives. Look for employees that have had success as a customer care representative and are interested in expanding their work role. These well-performing employees will likely transition best to fit the bill for your organization’s sales needs.