Top 5 Tools Your Company Should Be Using to Communicate with Customers

Communicating with your customers and sales leads is vital to the success of your small business. Luckily, technology has made it easy to reach those individuals in a variety of ways, so that no matter how they typically get their information, you can deliver it to them. While there are an array of different methods of communication out there, 5 of them are non-negotiable because of the results they deliver.


Every business needs to use its website to effectively deliver the details of what it does and what it offers. Look to your customers and potential customers to find out what you should have on your site. What do most callers ask about? Check recordings of calls on your automated phone system to find out. Add those questions to your FAQ.Sign up for our newsletter, follow our blog


A regular newsletter delivered by email is a fantastic tool to reaching your audience. In it, provide insider tips, exclusive offers and information that will be of interest to the reader. Your newsletter is your voice and you have complete control over it. Because you have collected the contact information, you can deliver your message directly to email inboxes whenever you want.

Social Media

Social media is huge right now and is a definite must for every company. It will improve your rankings in search engines and provide you a platform to promote your business in a variety of ways. However, changing guidelines make reaching your followers challenging at best, so this should definitely not be your primary source of communication.


Your blog is an eye into your business and an opportunity to create a dialogue with your audience. Update it as often as possible to keep followers coming back. Do some behind the scenes posts, share tips and give high-quality information away for free to keep customers, and potential customers, engaged with your site.

Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system like Halloo is ideal for one-on-one communication with your clients. While all businesses have phones, having a smart phone system will ensure calls are never missed and each and every phone call becomes an opportunity. More than a chance to simply talk with customers, you can also create recordings that play when those callers are on hold, so you can market specifically to them.

With these five modes of communication on your side, effectively reaching your audience is a reality. Ensure that you are using each in the very best way you can. And, don’t forget, if you need ideas on how to make your phone system best fit your needs, help is only a call or email away.