The Easiest Way to Do Facebook Marketing if You’re a Small Business Who Has Events

Small Business Page on FacebookWhile not a ‘secret’ per se, it still amazes me that few people on the web talk about one of the easiest ways for small business owners who host or attend events to grow their their visibility on Facebook.

Hint – it’s about taking and tagging pictures.

Let’s digest this motion in 4 steps –

1) If not done so already, create a Facebook page for your business.  Facebook has introduced a new format for their Business Pages, and allows owners to choose a vertical industry so Facebook can best match you with the other Facebook users who have a similar interest – read: targeted advertising.

Hint – it helps to display pictures of your customers on your Facebook pages as the new layout has more real estate for images, but we’ll discuss how to obtain those photos in the next step.

2) When hosting an event or attending one, bring a camera and have a ‘Tag Contest.’ This is basically a prize for a random person who gets their picture taken at your booth or event (taking a demo, trying a new product, standing next to your logo, etc.) and submits their business card. I think most entrepreneurs will be pleasantly surprised how many people are ok being in pictures for a business purpose when a prize is involved.

Hint – it helps to display the prize (iPod, Kindle, etc.) visibly so subjects can see what they’re going to win.

Busienss Card Scanner3) Scan the business cards on the spot using an iPhone enabled card reader such as Shape or with an at-home product like ScanSnap.

Scan Documents on the Go4) Upload your photos in an album dedicated to that event and name the file strategically, for example – “Acme Co Attends NYC Coyote Convention.”

Then go into Shape or ScanSnap and email your photo subjects a link to the Facebook album where they are asked to “tag” themselves in the pictures for a chance to win.

When people tag themselves in photos, the name of your photo album and the link to your Facebook page will appear on their Wall – and the walls of their friends. It’s a great way to get your brand and event information out through Facebook – and you don’t have to spend hours a day on it!

It helps to do this step shortly after the event, unless you…

5) E-mail the business card