Halloo Hint: The Consistent Advantage of an 800 Number

Did you know that if your company has an 800 phone line, you could have a competitive advantage? With a toll free phone line for your business, you will consistently capture the phone number of your inbound callers. It’s much more difficult for callers to hide where the call is originating when they call your toll free number. This is largely due to the accounting system associated with toll free phone lines. Since the company, or receiver of the call, is paying for the incoming call, the point of origin has to be known in order to bill appropriately.

Unfortunately, this does not hold true for VOIP calls, such as those originating from Skype. In those instances, all incoming phone calls from the same VOIP service provide (i.e., Skype) will be listed as having the same number, even though the actual callers vary.

Originally it was very costly for a business to have an 800 number (toll free), because there was a fixed rate for the line. Even after technology improved, and companies with the 800 lines were charged per call, the price was still high. However, as these numbers became available from a variety of phone service providers, the cost became greatly reduced.  Today, with cloud-based phone service providers like Halloo, you can get a toll-free number that includes an online customer management system and more, for a minimal cost per month.

If you don’t already have a toll-free number for your small business, embrace the opportunity and get one today. You’ll soon see the power of a free call, with increased inbound callers and more caller information.